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Anonymous asked: nah keep watching the dub. 100 times better than the sub. also no, there's another episode about shrooms lol. but hey, I gotta go be a sleepy squid. and idk if I'll be around tomorrow so yknow. don't let anybody impersonate me ;__;

Seriously? lol.

I’ll try not to let anyone else take your place but how can I know for sure anyways?

Gnight, squidy.

Anonymous asked: you need to finish it!! close to the end there's weird filler episodes and ones about baseball and shrooms and idk it gets kinda wild. did you watch the dub or sub?

Dubbed. Is there a difference between subbed and dubbed with champloo? I know certain anime are better dubbed and some subbed. If it’s better subbed I’ll check it out tomorrow/later today

Yeah the one where Mugen and some random other dudes get high off the shroom fumes or something? That’s the last episode I remember watching because i found it kinda funny- that and the one where he gets poisoned by some chick that looks like Fuu.